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Custom Application Development

When a commercial off-the-shelf solution is not what your business needs, it's time to think of think about custom solutions. Intelry's custom application process studies your specific business requirements intricately and builds a tailor-made solution that specifically addresses the needs of user groups that you mandated.

What can you expect in a custom application

A tailored-made solution that's created for your business process and customer experience.
A purpose-built app that has your present and future requirements in its system design
Ability to enhance app functionality & capacity as the business process & requirements grow.
Low cost of integration
A custom-built solution caters to the legacy systems & infrastructure in place.
Intellectual Property Independence
With complete ownership, you have the usage & distribution rights.
ROI and Profitability
A lasting solution which can be enhanced & sold to others in the industry for profits.

Advantages of Custom Application

Business Specification

It fits like a glove – designed to the specification of your business process and team, means that there are no workarounds, compromises and peripheral support required like in case of an off-the-shelf/SaaS offering in the market.

In House

The integrity of internal systems and processes – when an application is designed for the native business environment, it takes into consideration all the security, support and infrastructural aspects of an organization. SaaS or Off-the-shelf is by-design catered to mass market, which means it offers broad functionalities that work for everybody in the industry/category; not really going to give your business an edge over the competition.


Scalability is an inherent consideration of a custom application at Intelry. Our team works with your business team to understand future need-state of the application and build on various scalability scenarios that your business may require. This is a big savings and optimization aspect for the long-term solution strategy.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights belong to your business, which means that in future you can enhance & modify the custom application as you see fit even without the original developer.

Custom App vs Off-the-shelf software/SaaS

Should you Build or Buy

The simplest way would be to assess the value each of these options would bring to your business in the short & long-term, and how do you foresee your ROI on such a decision. 

Keeping in mind how fast technology, trends, scalability, user requirements and environments change/evolve, that may affect the choice of the application solution you are opting. 

Another variability revolves around how much of the business requirements do you currently know, what can you anticipate and the unknown which will only manifest in the agile development.

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