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Path to Successful Digital Marketing starts with a great Web Experience – your engine of Growth.

Amongst the assortments of digital engagements, your business website is the key factor to your digital presence and growth parameters. We start all growth conversations there, while some businesses can only commit to fixing undesirable user experiences as they progress, we build a growth program that provides you a clear view of your future state.

Intelry uses the most effective digital inbound and outbound mix to design & execute your digital marketing strategy. This is achieved when your website converts the right customers at a high frequency and delivers them a high-quality brand experience.




Digital Media Mix

We have a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the digital marketing discipline. We have successfully built growth campaigns to increase awareness, acquisition, retention, and loyalty for Small/Medium Businesses and Enterprise clients.

Google Search & Display Ads

Our expertise in Google Ad campaign design & management covers a holistic approach, ensuring high-quality Keyword selection and landing page Content to gain high Ad ranking and cost efficiencies.

Facebook | Instagram Ads

We tailor Facebook campaigns to your business objectives, segment, and audience. Using a data-driven approach we design Ads that get you the highest response and ROI. Building on the real insights from your competitive landscape, consumer behavior, and campaign metrics, we optimize and manage your campaign to get you the best results.

LinkedIn Ads

Our experience with LinkedIn Ads comes along with our expertise in marketing automation, giving you an edge in B2B marketing. From a variety of tools at our disposal, we build user journeys for your Ideal Customer Profile that increases engagement and conversion.

Ad Boost Content & SEO

What's important while generating leads is that your business is part of a bigger conversation in the competitive space, that's where our demand generation efforts will make you a key player in your industry.

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