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A little about Intelry

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Intelry is driven by research, data & insights to help you grow your business

At Intelry, we create web products that unveil the business potential, add to the technological competitiveness and deliver an unmatched user experience for the brands.

It’s a part of our design philosophy to create ‘A Thing of Beauty’ using the best of web and IoT technologies. Our obsession with user-centricity is borderline insane and also the sheer source of inspiration to deep dive into human-centered design, data and analytics, mix that with the unparalleled programming and development techniques, you have a digital work of art.

Intelry Team

Intelry works in a double helix structure at the helm, intertwining business strategy with the core technical prowess to create an end-to-end solution.


Great work starts with a solid foundation of research, it’s how we ensure your business comes on top of the competition. We audit your digital presence – starting from the website we identify all the digital touchpoints including social media channels, blogs, landing pages, lead generation channels, SEO ranking and overall brand equity. We also take a deep dive into the different tiers of competition in your line of business.

Detailed-oriented design

Intelry has an eye for a design that works in the real world. We look at everything from the user's perspective may it be the design system or the user journeys that we build. Our aim is to get results.

Brand & Quality Control

We ensure your digital presence and marketing automation is flawless. We have systems and checks that keep an account of your brand, design guidelines, and usage across multi-channel communication infrastructure.


In the end, it all comes down to the execution, and we do it best. Our coding is clean and thoroughly quality-controlled. While building your digital assets like website, mobile application, and promotional landing pages for marketing automation we keep into account your current and future requirements in web technologies and third-party SaaS platforms. relevant to your industry.

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