Show up late to the tech party as long as you kill it with your brand. Being a pioneer has its benefits but nothing sticks it to the disruption like the irrationality of feelings or the impulse that drives our buying decision.

Intelry, realizing dreams.

At Intelry, we ask our clients where do they want to go before we devise a plan and build digital assets to get them there. There is no point in flooding a system with incredible features and technology that nobody will ever use. User-centricity is the key to defining the parameters of a successful system in web technologies. To understand the user, one doesn’t just do more UX research, but rather gets to the heart of the issue, between the brand and the customer. Any business enterprise to make it past midnight has to have a concrete understanding of what value its brand adds to the lives of its customers. All the Martech in the world, data on your fingertips, and consumer insights in your pocket won’t earn you a dime if your brand can’t tell a story. We ask, what’s your brand story, what need-state are you trying to address and what proposition do you put on the table that will satiate the very appetite of the market. The role of technology is to facilitate the businesses and their brands into being more effective and competitive. This competitiveness and effectiveness result from a clear understanding of the customer, the brand, and how the system being forged will deliver a great overall customer experience.

The ultimate test of a marketing system’s relevance and longevity depends on its design to capture the moments of truth, whereby a customer leaves behind a trail of insightful data. The time to pause and reflect is data on what we are after or the opportunities. If we read in a closed-circuit system i.e. the domain of a system then our thinking will be skewed towards many biases that the system is built upon – and every system is guilty of having such. What’s going on in the periphery of a system needs to be correlated and evaluated with influences outside the system i.e. the lives of the users/customers and their interactions with the brand beyond. All the data in the world and no heart in thy brand, O’ye of little faith! It’s a classic misdirection that data interpretation, typically associated with how the data capture was designed, misleads a lot of marketers into conceiving the trend trajectory when it could be just a reflection of the status quo that needs to be challenged. If new tech features were the think most valued amongst the consumers then Apple would not have made a killing with its inventory to hit a market capitalization of its’ first $1T between 2000 and 2018. When reading too close to data points you miss out on the big picture of human aspirations that replaces how thing are with how things could be. Take a look at Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad campaign “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just Do It. It sure did spark boycott and controversies, which data rationality dictates a bad risk but as it turns out it earned Nike $6B in 2018 – looking beyond how things are and seeking how things could be.

Intelry’s product development philosophy is based on the value that can be added to the lives of the users, the future of the brand, and the experience rendered to the customer.